The Five Wisdoms Project



the Five Wisdoms PROJECT

The Five Wisdoms Project started when I met a charming and witty 92-year old man named Noble who shared his “rules of life” with me. I took his portrait and shared his wisdoms on Instagram three years ago. Since then, I’ve photographed and interviewed more than 200 people from all over the United States and the world. Most recently, I’ve taken the project to Greece, France and Morocco. This on-going series of portraits and personal philosophies is created with the goal of sharing positive and inspirational stories. I hope this project inspires others to connect with their own inner wisdom and live it every day - something I strive to do by following my passions and nourishing my creative side.

noble says…

1. Pay attention.
2. Be truthful.
3. Ask for what you want.
4. Be grateful.
5. Keep your appointments.


the artist

My name is Corinne Rushing. I’m a photographer in Manhattan Beach, California where I live with my husband Mike and our dog Rocky. As a native of the South Bay in California, I’ve felt a connection and calling to photography since I was a little girl. I received my first camera when I was in grade school and I’ve been shooting ever since. My professional career has focused on architecture, interiors and portraiture, and my photos have been published in catalogs, design magazines and The Wall Street Journal. In my personal work, I capture people and their passions, seeking to create images that stir my soul, and hopefully the souls of others, too.