The Five Wisdoms Project
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amy SAYS…

  1. Just Breathe.

  2. Cowgirl up!

  3. No matter how grey and bleak it may seem, always remember there will be another Spring.

  4. Take the time to appreciate nature.

  5. Learn as many languages as you can or you can get lost in translation.

    Amy grew up in Idaho and became a citizen of the world. Starting with a high school study abroad program in Russia, she embarked on a lifetime of international travel, learning different languages and living abroad. She studied in Spain and France while in college, then taught Spanish at a private school in Los Angeles. Just a few months after 9/11 she left the states again to live with her then-boyfriend (now ex-husband) in his home in the south of France. Sixteen years later, Amy is still there with her three kind, beautiful boys. Amy is a great communicator who’s very direct in resolving differences, which puts me very at ease spending time with her. She’s a strong woman and a wonderful single mom. Amy also has such a great laugh. Even after all her years abroad, she still gets teased about her accent. Now she laughs that off as well – “It’s just part of my charm.”