The Five Wisdoms Project
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tasha SAYS…

  1. Loving yourself is the most important component in loving others and being loved.

  2. Happiness comes from you. Everything else just enhances what you have.

  3. Live freely from an open heart space.

  4. Sometimes you need to pause and breathe.

  5. Dreams are not fairytales. They are messages, so pay attention.

    Tasha is a single mom with four kids. She has a strong relationship with God and believes he communicates with her through spirit, which has changed her life. If it feels good to her spirit, she does it. Tasha knew breast and ovarian cancer ran in her family. Her mom, great aunt and cousins all had it. When tests revealed there was an 87% chance she would have it too, Tasha opted to have both her breasts removed. During the surgery they discovered she indeed had breast cancer, triple negative. The same thing happened to her sister just two weeks earlier. Her faith led her to have surgery. Her faith saved her life. She heard a calling to love and care for herself and now she’s helping others do the same. Many people ask her to phone friends dealing with cancer, to give advice or lend support. She’s happy to do it. She also tries to educate people about self breast exams, is planning to lead a cancer support group and attends appointments with cancer patients that need support. Tasha works as a life coach, connecting women to their higher selves. She practices gratitude and doesn’t regret anything because it has lead her to where she is today. She says, “There’s so much life to live, go be free in it."