The Five Wisdoms Project
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jorge SAYS…

  1. The way you structure your life should be concordant to you having positive experiences.

  2. When you’re in a positive relationship that you trust, it’s invaluable because you can see outside yourself.

  3. Your life gets better when you tune in, you listen and you follow. That’s usually not easy work. It requires a subtlety and self awareness about yourself that doesn’t have exterior markers.

  4. Life is more blissful to allow. There has to be a lot of faith and non attachment to its outcome. Forcing is a projection that usually will become a self-fulfilling prophecy of some kind of suffering.

  5. An action or thought based in chaos/inertia will by its definition have chaos/inertia in its blueprint whatever the outcome might be. The same is true for any thought or action that is balanced and appropriate. It will by its definition have in its blueprint balance and harmony.

    Jorge didn’t set out to be a yoga therapist. He just felt a calling to serve others in a meaningful way. Not quite knowing what that looked like, he began by serving the expectations of his very successful and business-oriented family. Jorge soon found himself in law school and eventually working as a malpractice litigator. But the service he provided for his firm’s clients never brought him as much joy as the workout classes he was teaching on the side. So Jorge left his firm to seek a new path. He began flipping homes in the pre-crash real estate market while he continued teaching both workout and yoga classes. As the economy collapsed, Jorge's passion for yoga, health and wellness were on the rise. Jorge discovered that to be truly successful and provide real value in the world, you have to start by measuring those terms by your own personal definition. Because of that journey and process, Jorge now knows that yoga therapy is exactly what he was supposed to do. It hardly feels like work at all, and affords him the chance to share the wisdom he’s gained along his journey with the people he heals, uplifts and inspires every day.