The Five Wisdoms Project
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natalie SAYS…

  1. Remove anything that messes with your peace.

  2. Some people/things are in your life only for a season. Remember, things don’t always have to stay the same.

  3. Take risks, the best thing to bet on is yourself.

  4. Always keep faith that everything is working out for your good.

  5. Find your purpose in life – one that makes you happy, but also serves other people.

    Natalie’s wisdoms really tell her story. She welcomed change, bet on herself and found a deeper purpose every day. While working in social media management, Natalie accepted a contract to oversee the campaign of a national brand. She dove in and let her other clients go in order to focus on it full time. A month later, she knew it just wasn’t right. She could’ve gone back to her old clients, but knew that wouldn’t bring her any joy either. So in a time of great stress and anxiety, she took a leap of faith. Natalie changed the course of her career and focused entirely on teaching and coaching. She sold an online social media training course and was almost immediately successful – but then in an act of faith she invested almost all that success in hiring a business coach to help her get even more in tune with her purpose in life. Soon, people were coming to Natalie so she could train and coach them. Her focus is helping women like herself, not just to make more money – but to grow and thrive in the life changes that more money can bring. Natalie practices what she preaches at home. She said she’s created a better relationship with her husband and is able to be there for her daughters whenever she wants. And by sharing this approach with her clients, Natalie teaches them much more than social media management. “We’re here not just to make ourselves happy,” she says. “We’re here to bless people…to facilitate something greater for someone else. Our lives are not just for ourselves.