The Five Wisdoms Project
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denver SAYS…

  1. Be respectful.

  2. Try things you haven’t done.

  3. Protect your family.

  4. Be yourself.

  5. Live by your dreams.

    Denver is the youngest of four children and is in third grade. He got his name because his mom is a die-hard Broncos fan. He's a big fan as well and loves to talk about the team, too. Denver also loves to go the beach and swim in the ocean and he loves to reorganize drawers and cabinets. On his eighth birthday, he got to help call half an inning of an Adelanto Yardbirds baseball game. His mom sang the national anthem before the game, as part of a breast cancer awareness event. Denver’s favorite subject in school is Math. He likes it because “It’s like a competition. When it gets really hard, you have to push yourself to learn. When it’s easy for you, you get to help someone else learn.” Denver loves helping other people. Together with his brothers, he helped load supplies onto trucks bound for Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Although Denver is very young, I think he has some wisdom that goes beyond his years.