The Five Wisdoms Project
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julie SAYS…

  1. It’s only when you truly love yourself first and foremost that a healthy love from someone else can show up.

  2. Your parents did the best they could with what they knew.

  3. There is no single answer to any situation. Be open to the different kinds that can show up.

  4. Dare to be vulnerable. It is just as strong as any other quality.

  5. Do your best to keep your creative spirit alive. It thrives in each and every one of us.

    Julie, who is known by many as the Rogue Yogi, is traveling the world with her husband. They travel light. Before leaving home in San Francisco, they sold everything except for a painting and some photo albums. They spent a month in Vietnam with her family and another in Cambodia with his. At first, Julie literally lived out of a big suitcase, but has since pared down even more and now shares a carry-on and a backpack with her husband. When they recently left Greece for Russia, they gave items away to make room for winter clothes. Along the way, Julie has been researching, studying and practicing yoga. She posts videos sharing what she’s learned, and is hosting a series of yoga retreats at various stops along her travels. It’s inspiring to meet a woman who is following her passions, quite literally, around the world.