The Five Wisdoms Project
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ladelle SAYS…

  1. Fill your heart with love and refill it with more love and forgiveness during difficult times.

  2. Believe that you are loved and taken care of by a higher power, and say thank you every day.

  3. Be kind and generous. It comes back to you.

  4. Surround yourself with what makes you happy every day: nature, art, the fragrance of a rose, friends, family, or sharing a meal.

  5. Don’t be afraid to travel even if you’re alone. It opens up a wonderful world.

    In getting to know Ladelle, I’m struck by how true she is to herself. She knows who she is, she isn’t afraid to trust her intuition, and even after losing her husband to pancreatic cancer at just 52, she’s still moving forward with enthusiasm for life and gratitude for what she has. She treasures her five grandkids and sees her 88-year old parents every week. She is passionate about her home near the ocean, and her love of travel — she went on a 6-week, 9,000-mile drive from Los Angeles to Alaska, explored the continent of Australia for five weeks, loves to visit friends in France, and is planning to take her parents to Hawaii. As much as anyone can know it, Ladelle knows that life isn’t perfect. But that doesn’t stop her from seeking the good, walking away from the bad, and always moving forward.